My First blog

Hey blog readers! I am a 10th grade student and this is my first blog. I had not imagined I would start writing blogs someday, duh! I have never written a good essay in my school too! But here it is.

I was so excited when the thought of writing blogs stroke my mind. I am not sure about my grammar though but quite sure that I’m gonna write whatever comes to my mind.


It was Christmas holidays, just a couple of days before New Year and i was at home. Being jobless I opened Facebook and started surfing, when one of my friend who is a GOOD WRITER posted her blog link. I already knew what a blog was but had never read it. I started reading her blogs and others like YouTuber¬†Mostly Sane’s blogs too. I felt so wondrous by the blogs that I decided to write blogs from that day. I also decided to add “writing blogs” to my list of resolutions for the coming year.

“Because you can’t break resolutions without making them.”

I usually write less and have a bad language but I have words that are enough to describe and tell what I really intend to tell. I am a really bad public speaker nor can I  handle stage-fright. I feel writing is the best way to improve yourself.

Tell me about how you felt about my blog and who was your inspiration to write blogs.

Tell it to me!


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