A smart nerd in glasses.

In a city there lived a guy, a tech addict as everyone of his age was. A typical city boy in thick black framed glasses. If anybody looked at him for the first time they would perceive him as a nerd. He was a nerd but more of a smart and cool nerd. He was so much into technology and stuff like no one else. He could never come out of the techie world. Whenever he spoke, everyone around him was curious to listen anything he said. He was exactly how he looked like. His thick framed glasses made him look more cool and less dork. He was never cornered by negative thoughts. He had a cool bunch of friends with whom he used to be so chilling and entertaining. His dark brown eyes behind his glasses spoke everything. He was truly a person with a good heart and a kind soul. He could make others change their self-perception. He would do anything to prove that he is right. He was caring and would indulge for everyone. He was a optimist and would find his way out from any situation. He never encouraged and indulged in activities that would hurt others. His hair were thin and shiny, sometimes messy. He was a friend that never let his friends down. His walk was manly and fast paced. Whenever one looked at him, one could see him in deep thoughts. He was picky while choosing his friends. Whenever he smiled he would change the vibe of his surrounding bringing in happiness into everyone. Although he was a little shy he was brave and courageous. His Facebook profile, full of tech news and what not! Plus, he was a Marvel fan. I could still imagine him talking about Black hole, Artificial Intelligence, YouTube, Teslas, and the list goes on and on. He was one of the most wonderful people I have been with. Whenever a topic on Tech comes up, all I imagine is Him. Like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory he was as funny and nerdy like him. He had solutions for everything. One of his actions I remember is, adjusting his glasses upon his nose and styling his hair. His polite behavior and good manners are one of the best traits one could find in him. A gamer by hobby, he was a tedious and an obsessive gamer with skills like an assassin, vision like an eagle, power and speed like a cheetah and values like a mentor. Few of the games we both played were Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, Clash of Clans, etc. He was a fluent speaker and no stage fright at all. He was very up in doing. One could see innocence in his eyes. He was nothing but a very faithful soul.


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